Build Your Box (Pre-Orders)

  • Chloe pretty
Build Your Box (Pre-Orders)
Use our 'BUILD MY BOX' shipping option to pre-order products in advance. You can pay for each pre-order or use the 'BANK DEPOSIT' option to pay for them upon dispatch.
Our favourite reasons to use this service:
Order products as soon as they're looking low rather than panic buying.
Take orders for products rather than keeping high amounts of stock.
Placing staggered pre-orders allows us to manufacturer your order in good time and cuts out long waiting time.
Manage your cashflow by building your pre-orders over a period of time and when you're ready to receive the products.
When you're ready to ship them all, just simply chose the 'CLOSE MY BOX' option at checkout on your final order. Or if you're just ready to receive the products, send me an email and I can manually close the box.
You'll then shortly receive a final postage fee for all of your orders and a payment request if you're paying upon dispatch. We'll also tot up to ensure you get the best deal, for example; if you purchase six separate single items at the single price, we'll ensure that you get the price for the 6 pack.
As standard, shipping is free over £200. Please find attached our shipping rates below. For perspective, a bath bomb is around 200g

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