Terms & Conditions

We are currently working on an exclusive range of product images and descriptions for our wholesale clients. However, you are welcome to use anything from our media sources for the time being.
Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will any product be resold without it's orginal packaging and labelling. This is to protect you as a customer as removal of the label will result in an illegal sale of the item.
It is strongly advised that you study the ingredients before resale. All of our bath bombs currently contain sweet almond oil which may cause an allergic reaction to some customers. Please ask us if you have any concerns and you can find lots of information on our website about our products including a full ingredients listing.
Retail offers are for retail use only. These offers will not be discounted for wholesale customers. There are a number of products on the website that you will find are not reduced on your account. Please make sure you study the products before you begin advertising them as discounts cannot be offered on certain products.
We don't often come across problems. However, we must highlight a few issues upon agreement of your account for a friendly team for us all:
- We use Facebook messenger as our main source of communication. We aim to respond to clients within 48hours. Our Facebook page has many scheduled posts, please don't think that we are ignoring your message!
- Any false PayPal disputes will result in an instant ban from the scheme. This is something we take very seriously and will always work hard to come to a reasonable and fair resolution to any issues.
- If you use your wholesale account as a drop shipping facility without notice this will result in an instant ban from the entire scheme. If you would like to drop ship, please let us know and we can send you information about that scheme.
- A wholesale account is only valid for a single reseller. This means that you can't act as a 'third party' or 'trade' and sell on the products again to another seller. This activity will result in an instant ban and we have zero tolerance for this. Please let us know now if you are reselling products to other vendors and we can discuss options moving forward.
-We have a minimum order value of £50 including postage. Any orders placed under this amount will be cancelled, refunded and a black mark will go against your name.
-We are committed to keeping our wholesale scheme as exclusive as possible. If an account is inactive for 28 days the account will be closed to provide opportunity for other sellers. You are welcome to reapply at any time.
We hold the right to withdraw your account at any time.
Please read our postage costs and turnaround times carefully before placing your order.

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